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Each one of us has aspirations for our life. Although most of us are aware of the goal we need to reach, we are yet unaware of the path that leads to it. Therefore, all of us require guidance at initial stages to be able to have our path to our destination. 

Education is the key to our aspirations. Therefore, it is important to have the correct guidance while pursuing subjects that would lead you to your dream. Divine Institute for Judiciary is one such institute which provides the best study material for judiciary. Hence, helping you get through the syllabi easily. 

Best Judiciary Coaching in Chandigarh Team Faculty 

The Divine institute is considered to be one of the best judiciary coaching institutes in Chandigarh with the best staff and facilities for students. 

The role of teachers in our life is bewildering. With the aim of providing the best to the students, the Institute has masters of the subject on board who can guide you through the journey. The faculty at the Divine Institute includes: 

Retired professors- With years of experience of teaching the subject, the professors are capable of guiding students through every thick and thin they face while studying the subject.

Ex. Vice-Chancellors and retired judicial officials- Their on-ground experience and knowledge are unwatchable. They not only know about the subject theoretically but also have a very close practical relation with it. Learning from them will help the students in better concept clarity. 

Ex. Directors of government law colleges- With ex. directors in the team, looking up to the satisfaction of each and every student becomes easier. 

School or college institutions do not allow students to choose their own teachers. However, you can choose which coaching institute you should be relying upon. Therefore, when you get a chance, choose your teachers wisely. 

The institute aims at providing best judiciary coaching to the students. Therefore, students can first make use of free demo classes before taking any step further. 

Preparation & Study material for Judicial Coaching in Chandigarh

The students are not only provided with the best guidance but also are given access to the best judiciary study material. Hence, ensuring to provide the best judiciary coaching in India. 

Local laws- Students are taught about local state laws in depth. The main states covered include Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Delhi, MP, UP, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Bihar, Chattisgarh. 

General Knowledge- General knowledge classes with main focus on Delhi, Rajasthan and UP judiciary. 

Current topics- Students are kept in touch with the present day scenario. Apart from the topics given in the study materials, discussions about the latest judgements take place in the class.

Languages- Apart from the judicial subjects, students receive lessons on languages (English, Hindi, Punjabi) so that they do not lose track of them. 

Tests- With the completion of course, regular weekly, as well as monthly test series for prelims and mains, are conducted. This helps to keep track of student’s growth. Online as well as offline test series for judiciary are conducted.

→ Notes- Detailed printed notes on each and every topic are provided to the students. Best judiciary E-notes are provided online on the website. 

Interview Panel- The institute has retired high court judges, session judges and civil servants as well as professors from government law colleges to ensure the best interview coaching for judiciary. Therefore, apart from mains and prelims, students get trained for interviews as well. Students are given coaching for ADJ and civil judge posts. 

Facilities at the Centres – 

For classes, students can choose any one out of morning, evening or weekend batches. 

→ Every batch has limited students to ensure concept clarity to each one of them. 

→ Previous year questions are regularly discussed. 

→ All the students have access to the library and study room in our centres.

Results in Divine Institute

The institute is known to provide best coaching for judiciary in Punjab, Haryana, Jharkhand, Himachal, Uttrakhand and Delhi. The students from the institute have secured top ranks in judicial services for examinations of Punjab, HP, Haryana, Bihar, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Delhi etc. 

The institute truly stands up to provide the best coaching for judiciary in Chandigarh and Ranchi. Students can enrol for online coaching as well.

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