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Lets’s admit, we are trapped into an unending cycle of lockdown, it’s continued to be extending. Covid-19 news adds to our anxiety. With such an unpredictable, anxious situation, it’s so difficult to find peace.

All exams are likely to be postponed, this is creating great stress among Aspirants of a competitive exam.

We really need some stressbusters to keep us going.

Thus, we are enlisting here a few powerful stressbuster tips to keep you motivated.


Music is the best stressbuster

 “Music is the medicine of the mind. – John Logan”. This famous saying is as correct as of the reality we are living in.

Music has the power to change quickly our mind. It can turn a negative mind into a positive one. Music can be a game-changer. Whenever you feel anxious or a little disappointed, just listen to your favorite music. It will take all your stress & worries away.


Read books to beat stress & keep motiveted

If you love to read, nothing can be a better friend than a good book. Today the internet is full of e-books. If you are not able to buy and purchase books, just go online & read, read & just read.

Books make you strong & more adaptable. They give you strength.

Don’t wait, Just grab a book to keep your stress at bay.


Exercise & meditate to keep you going while staying at home.

Keeping ourselves fit is the need of an hour. This time when we are not able to go to parks and gyms due to coronavirus pandemic, it is highly recommended to exercise & meditate at home. Such practice will help you in keeping the rhythm of your life and studies. It is our prime duty to stay away from any stress or anxiety to keep us going. 


do gardening to beat the stress

 While staying at home & when you don’t know when you will be having your target exam, just take a little break from studies, must say for 20-30 min & try gardening. Seeing flowers & fruit growing gives us a new life and new hopes. Try to sit in the lap of mother nature.


play indoor games with your family & your kids to beat stress

 Games make you energized, charge your mind & soul. So play indoor games like LUDO, Carom, Playing Cards with your family members. 

These smart tricks will help you fight with stress & Anxiety.

Stay Happy, Live Healthily & Keep Going.

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