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LLB 5 Year Semester

LL.B. 1st Semester

Paper – I English-I
Paper- II History-I
Paper-III Political Science-I
Paper-IV Sociology-I
Paper V Law of Torts including Motor Vehicle Accident Act and Consumer Protection Laws
Paper VI Law of Contract

LL.B. 2nd Semester

Paper – I English-II
Paper- II History-II
Paper-III Political Science-II
Paper-IV Sociology-II
Paper V Jurisprudence
Paper VI Special Contract

LL.B. 3rd Semester

Paper – I History-III
Paper- II Sociology-III
Paper-III Economics-I
Paper-IV English-III
Paper V Constitutional Law-I
Paper VI Family Law-I

LL.B. 4th Semester

Paper – I Legal History
Paper- II Political Science-III
Paper-III Economics-II
Paper IV (a)/IV(b)/IV(c) Hindi-I/Punjabi-I/French-I
Paper V Constitutional Law-II
Paper VI Family Law-II

LL.B. 5th Semester

Paper – I (a)/I(b)/I(c) Hindi-II/Punjabi-II/French-II
Paper- II Law & Social Transformation
Paper-III Indian Penal Code-I
Paper-IV Criminal Procedure Code-I
Paper V Alternate Dispute Resolution
Paper VI Law of Property (common with Property Law including Transfer of Property Act 1882)

LL.B. 6th Semester

Paper – I Research Methodology
Paper- II Economics-III
Paper-III Indian Penal Code -II
Paper IV Criminal Procedure Code-II
Paper V Administrative Law
Optional-I (choose any one)
Paper VI (a) Local Self Government
Paper VI (b) Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation
Paper VI (c) International Criminal Law and International Criminal Court

LL.B. 7th Semester

Paper – I Public International Law
Paper- II Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing
Paper-III Law of Evidence-I
Paper IV Civil Procedure Code-I
Paper V Business Law-I
Opt any one of the following subjects
Paper VI (a) Health Laws
Paper VI (b) Right to Information and Media Law
Paper VI (c) Organized Crimes and Internal Security Laws

LL.B. 8th Semester

Paper – I Company Law
Paper- II Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System
Paper-III Environmental Law
Paper IV Civil Procedure including Limitation Law-II
Paper V Business Law-II
Optional-I (choose any one)
Paper VI (a) International Trade Law
Paper VI (b) Law of Registration and Court Fee Act 1870
Paper VI (c) Land Laws and Rent Laws

LL.B. 9th Semester

Paper – I Labour and Industrial Laws
Paper- II Moots and Practical Training (Common with Moots)
Paper-III Forensic Science
Paper IV International Human Rights
Opt any one of the following subjects
Paper V (a) Indirect Taxes
Paper V (b) Private International Law
Paper V (c) Election Laws

LL.B. 10th Semester

Paper – I Labour Laws and International Labour Organization
Paper- II Information Technology Law
Paper-III Intellectual Property Laws
Paper IV Principles of Taxation Laws
Optional-I (choose any one)
Paper V (a) Criminology, Penology and Victimology
Paper V (b) Service Law
Paper V (c) Socio Economic Offences