Divine Institute for Judicial services


Mains Test Series
Hindu Law & Customary Law

Maximum Marks - 200
Time - 3 Hrs

  • Can an unchaste wife claim maintenance and residence from her husband?     [10 marks]
  • Describe the picture of concept of divorce before enactment of HMA, 1955. How HMA, 1955 changed the concept of divorce in Hindu Society.      [15 marks]
  • Hemant got married to Shalini in 2008. After three years of marriage, Hemant converted his religion to Islam in order to marry Zoya. And he has one daughter with Zoya. Discuss the validity of marriage between Hemant and Zoya; status of marriage between Hemant and Shalini, legitimacy of daughter of Hemant and Zoya.      [15 marks]
  • What is the status of Customary/Panchayati divorce after the commencement of HMA, 1955?     [05 marks]
  • Difference between dissolution & annulment of marriage?      [05 marks]
  • Raj, already being in marital relationship with Sarita, marries Rohini. Rohini, being completely unaware about the former marriage, believes herself to be legally wedded wife of Raj. After 1 year of marriages of Raj with Sarita. She decides to get separate of from him and claim maintenance alongwith frame issues & advice Rohini.      [15 marks]
  • (i) A died intestate leaving behind 2 sons. A's widow adopt a son after 2 years of the death of A. Will the partition, that took place at the time of A's death, be reopened at the adoption of their son. (ii) Can the partition be reopened, if yes will be the effect of such reopening?     
    [5x3 = 15 marks]
  • Discuss the following grounds of disqualification from HUF property u/HSA, 1956.
    (a) Conversion in a Non-Hindu faith.
    (b) Murderer.
    (c) Widow who has remarried.      [5x3 = 15 marks]
  • Define Stridhan as per traditional laws. Is there any difference in the concept of Stridhan between Dayabhaga and Mitakshara school.      [10 marks]
  • Radhe, in year 1940, got married to Sita. Out of such marriage, he was having 2 sons, Mohit and Rohit. In 1960, Radhe married Riya & out of each marriage, he was having a son Sham & daughter Geeta. Mohit, who died in 1970, was having 2 daughters - Babita & Sangeeta. Both of the sisters died in 1996, leaving behind a son & a daughter each. Rohit is having a son & 2 daughters. The 4th child of Radha i.e. Geeta died leaving behind a husband & 2 Sons. Divide the property of Radhe.      [10 marks]
  • Ram got married to Sita in 1940. In 1950 he dies leaving behind his widow Sita and Brother Shyam. In 1953 Sita sells the property to Vishwas. Shyam being the reversioner of Ram challenged the alienation. During the pendency of litigation Sita adopts a son Rohit in 1959 and dies in 1961. Now, Shyam, Vishwas and Rohit are claiming the ownership of the property. Decide.     [10 marks]
  • The adopted son must bear the reflection of natural born son. Comment.      [15 marks]
  • Manohar Lal and his wife loose their son in accident in 2004. Mihika is his widow. She adopts a son, Arjun in 2006. In 2009, Manohar Lal & his wife adopts a son as well. Discuss the validity of adoption done by Manohar Lal & his wife.      [10 marks]
  • Write short note on the validity of same sex marriage in India?      [10 marks]
  • Write short note on the following:
    (i) Live-in relationship
    (ii) Status of children born out of live in relationship
    (iii) Right to maintenance in live-in relationship..     [15 marks]
  • Explain the following terms:
    (i) Riwaz-i-am
    (ii) Wajib-ul-arz
    (iii) Anant Karaj Marriage
    (iv) Chudawand and Pagwand concept of inheritence
    (v) Khana damad
    (vi) Custom      [15 marks]
  • Riddhi & Mayank has a son Yug who is 3 years old. Mayank appointed his sister in 2008 as his son's guardian in his absence. Mayank dies in 2010. Riddhi appoints his mother as Yug's guardian in her absence in 2014. In 2015 Riddhi passes away. Decide the question of Yug's guardian with help of relevant provisions.      [05 marks]
  • Explain the concept of 'De facto' and 'ad hoc guardian'      [05 marks]