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Judiciary system in india

Functions of the Judicial System In India

Judiciary is the backbone of society. For any nation or a community to grow well, their judiciary must do their job vigilantly and wisely. Here we will discuss the main roles Judiciary has to play.  Let’s take a tour Justice to the people: This is the key role of the Judiciary. Each citizen has a fundamental

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Important Alert!!

Beware Judiciary aspirants:

This is to inform you all that few institutions and individuals are making false claims about our senior faculty members ie: Prof Veer Singh, Prof R.S Grewal, Prof Gurpal singh and other faculty members that they are teaching in their institutes which is an absolute lie. Each and every faculty members of Divine Institute is teaching in Divine only.So before joining these institutions ask for a demo lecture by these senior faculty members to safeguard yourself from such scams.
Few institutes are also making wrong claim that they are the part of Divine Group. We have no other Judiciary coaching institute other than Divine Institute for Judicial Services.
So be aware and enquire properly if you found such wrong claims.

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