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Judicial Services as the name suggest, are among the most highly respected jobs. Thus being judge means a person with great responsibility. It takes extraordinary skills to identify whether a person is a culprit or not. This post comes with a huge responsibility as the whole nation looks towards a judge for a wise and impartial decision.

Here are a few points you must know about judicial services.

I. Difference between A Judge & A Magistrate:

            People usually see both a Judge & a magistrate in the same context, but this is not right. Both of the posts are different and possess different responsibilities. There is a huge difference in their powers.

1. A Judge is a supreme power. He is the head of the Supreme Court, High Court & other courts. He abides by all the court’s proceedings either alone or with the panel.

A Magistrate is a civil servant who manages the law in a particular area or region.

2. The President appoints the judge of the Supreme Court while the High Court judges are elected by the President with the Chief Justice of India and the Governor of the State.

 While Judicial Magistrate and Chief Judicial Magistrate are appointed by the High Court while the District Magistrate is appointed by the Governor.

3. A Judge handles high priority cases, criminal cases, constitutional cases, federal cases alone or with the jury.

Whereas A Magistrate handles small cases like marriage, divorce, theft and can make initial judgments in some criminal cases.

4. A Judge must have a law degree as well as must-have practiced as an advocate in some courts while a magistrate does not require any legal degree.

5. One more important difference between their powers is that a Magistrate has the power of imposing fines or giving imprisonment for some period nut only A Judge can pass a death sentence or life imprisonment.

I hope now the differences between these two special and very respective posts have been cleared.

In the next part of this article, we will learn about how to become a Judge and Skills needed for a Judge.

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