What you must know about Judicial Services- Part II

judiciary services

In Part-I we have understood the difference between Judge & a Magistrate. Now we will learn about the skills needed to become a Judge.

Professional Skills needed to become a Judge:

As we all know that A Judge is the head and preside over all the hearings and trials held in the court. He is the one who is supposed to do justice while keeping the rights of both parties. This is a very difficult task and needs extraordinary skills to judge someone.

Professionally, A Judge is a lawyer who has practiced for more than 7 years in any court.

Degree – Bachelor’s degree in Law and Juris Doctorate (required).

License- State-specific license to practice law.

Experience At least 7 years Lawyer experience generally required.

Interpersonal Skills need to become a Judge:

  1. Unbiased
  2. Decision maker
  3. Good listener
  4. Must be very patient as the arguments are to have listened very gently without being annoyed.
  5. Confident to prove his decisions right.
  6. Honest 
  7. Intelligence to make great decisions.
  8. Must value morals.

These skills will take a person to become a supreme power-A Judge. If you possess a dream to become a judge, practice these skills and absorb them in your personality.

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Important Alert!!

Beware Judiciary aspirants:

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